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Central China Normal University (CCNU) has offered the tourism management major to students for over 30 years, in what is now the College of Urban and Environmental Planning. In 2005, the College began offering a Master’s degree in Tourism Management emphasizing areas such as tourism and regional development, tourism resources and the environment, tourism development and planning, and tourism enterprise management. In 2012, the College expanded its graduate program to include a doctoral degree in human geography with the research direction of tourism geography. Prominent teaching, research and social service outcomes of the faculty, administration and students, now carry a strong influence at home and abroad.


Chinese tourism continues growing rapidly, representing the world’s largest outbound tourism market in terms of visitor numbers and overseas expenditures. Chinese travel trends have thus changed global economic patterns and will continue influencing the future of the world’s economy. In this context, CCNU’s College of Urban and Environmental Planning began offering a Master of Tourism Management Program (MTM) in English for international students in 2015.


The MTM Program at CCNU offers intellectually outstanding international students the opportunity to learn more about the world’s largest tourism market, the Chinese tourism industry, Chinese culture, and professional tourism skills while engaging in independent research around issues of personal interest. The program provides helpful training for those pursuing more in-depth academic work and for those interested in learning about Chinese tourism. It is designed especially to benefit those seeking to specialize in particular areas of tourism, those hoping to develop a China-oriented career in China or in other countries, and those desiring to experience China's tourism development and to broaden their intellectual horizons.


The MTM curriculum is standardized on the basis of tourism research theories and methods. The cutting-edge, international and local features of the curriculum highlight scientific frontiers in tourism that inform both professional and academic pursuits. The MTM program faculties at CCNU have strong international backgrounds involving numerous international (scholarly) exchanges and visits, excellent English skills and teaching & research ability. The research platform of this program is first-class in China, incorporating the only university-based branch of China’s National Tourism Administration (i.e., Wuhan Branch of the China Tourism Academy, established in 2010 at CCNU).


The program’s foundation of international exchange is similarly strong, incorporating advanced tourism management concepts, ideas and methods through cooperative teaching, research and conferences with Colorado State University, Carleton University, Kean University, and others. In this way, the MTM program applies international context and principles to understand tourism holistically – as a system of that integrates diverse disciplines, research-based innovation, and practical needs. Considering the international tourism market and student employment demand, the MTM curriculum is thus practical and applicable to a wide range of tourism-related employment fields. Using a systematic teaching structure, diverse teaching methods and abundant teaching resources, the MTM program provides students with valuable learning and networking opportunities in this dynamic, globally significant industry.








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